Photobomb Lvl: Chuck Norris

Photobomb Lvl: Chuck Norris

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If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

Bruce Lee

Election Opinions

Mitt Romney’s plan for America reminds me a lot of the Hunger Games. Think about it. His intention is to create a stronger upper class by making corporations and large businesses more powerful. By cutting education spending he will be decreasing the amount of college students in America and increasing the amount of lower waged, unskilled workers. There will be a smaller, stronger upper class and a much larger middle class that relies on the rich. Obama is more concerned with funding for education so our country becomes more intelligent and skilled as a whole. It is not Obama’s fault half the country is too lazy to use the resources he has made available. And if you think Obama was bad wait until 17,000,000 minimum wage jobs are created and you have to get off your ass to work 9 hour days for $8 an hour. The president just makes a plan to change the economy but he’s only one man, if American citizens are not willing to become active and us
e the resources made available then the plan is obviously going to fail. The reason I am undecided on election day is because I believe Obama is the right person for the job, only he is leading a country full of mediocre, lazy citizens, who would much rather have someone solve their problems for them then do it themselves. In this case I believe Mitt Romney would be better for the job because he will be taking away American’s excuses for not working and they will no longer have a reason to sit around blaming the economy for their lack of work. Maybe Obama’s version of America seems more lenient and free but we couldn’t operate that way, therefore someone like Mitt Romney has to force everybody to become active and start working again. Either way our country has problems, and it is nobody’s fault but our own.

Today’s Random Thought

People spend too much time impressing everyone else and not enough time being happy themself. I stay true to myself and live the way I know will make me happiest, and at the same time I still maintain my masculinity. If a man has to act a certain way and keep up a certain image that isn’t truly his own, then realistically he’s probably a little girl on the inside and he’s trying to hide it.
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